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The Momentary in Bentonville, AR

Hello, we’re the Momentary. A decommissioned cheddar plant turned contemporary craftsmanship space for visual and performing expressions, culinary encounters, celebrations, specialists in-home, and then some.

Situated in midtown Bentonville, Arkansas, satellite to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, the Momentary is the ideal hang-out. From investigating the displays and outside craftsmanships, to getting a presentation, to partaking in a flavorful chomp or invigorating beverage, there’s something for everybody to find. General affirmation is free.

Prepared to visit?

We’re at 507 SE E St., simply 1.5 miles south of Crystal Bridges close to eighth Street Market. Regardless of whether you travel via vehicle or bicycle, we got you covered.

Where to stop: Complimentary stopping is situated off E St, only south of our structure.
By means of foot or bicycle: We’re available by the Razorback Regional Greenway. Bike racks accessible close to the RØDE Bar, Onyx Coffee Lab’s deck, and on the south side of the structure.
Where to enter: The fundamental entry is situated at the south side of the structure, just past the Arvest Bank Courtyard, nearest to the principle parking garage.
Rideshare/get drop off area can be found along E road.
SEE and DO
Partake in the Momentary Green
Such a lot of space for exercises! This roomy outside region is great for picnics, parties, live concerts, and more workmanship investigation. Park your bicycle and jump in and have a good time.
Appreciate open air craftsmanship
You’ll find much more workmanship around the structure – you should simply look! Check our Visual Arts page for presentations and workmanship projects you can hope to see during your visit.

Find contemporary workmanship in the Galleries
The Galleries are your visual expressions jungle gym. These enormous, open spaces include craftsmanship and displays that change consistently, in addition to surprising happenings. Check our Visual Arts page for presentations and craftsmanship projects you can hope to see during your visit.
Get an exhibition or occasion
Check our schedule and make arrangements to get a presentation or occasion in one of our best in class execution spaces, for example, the RØDE House or Fermentation Hall.
Appreciate food and drink contributions
Get your caffeine fix at Onyx Coffee Lab or head up to the Tower Bar for handmade mixed drinks. Dive more deeply into food and drink contributions here.
Shop the Momentary Shop
Your all in one resource for unique Momentary merchandise, prints by highlighted craftsmen, and other cool gifts you won’t find elsewhere. Shop face to face or on the web.
A scene guide can be seen as here.

The Momentary, a satellite to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, is a contemporary craftsmanship space in midtown Bentonville for visual, performing, and culinary expressions. Involving a decommissioned 63,000-square-foot cheddar processing plant, the Momentary fills in as a get-together spot to unwind, work, eat and drink, and find the present workmanship through programs, presentations, celebrations, and the sky is the limit from there.

The mission of the Momentary is to advocate contemporary workmanship’s job in daily existence and investigate the unfurling story of contemporary American expressions in a global setting by effectively charging and displaying remarkable works that investigate novel thoughts and move activity.

As Crystal Bridges and the Momentary, we perceive our job as pilgrims and visitors in the Northwest Arkansas locale. We recognize the Caddo, Quapaw, and Osage just as the numerous Indigenous guardians of this land and water. We like the suffering impact of the lively, various, and contemporary societies of Indigenous people groups. We are aware of the job in colonization that galleries have played. As social organizations, we have an obligation to take part in the destroying of chronicled and fundamental imperceptibility of Indigenous people groups past, present, and future. We decide to deliberately consider ourselves responsible to proper discussion, portrayal, association, and training to work with a space of quantifiable change.

The Momentary opened to people in general on February 22, 2020. It was established by the Walton family, in light of the vision of Tom, Olivia, and Steuart Walton. The Walton Family Foundation is supporting this task as a method for improving the personal satisfaction in Northwest Arkansas. Its obligation to developing expressions and social encounters gives more freedoms to training, commitment, and satisfaction in our area.

The structure, previously a cheddar plant, was repurposed into a contemporary craftsmanship space by Wheeler Kearns Architects. The group moved toward this as a versatile reuse project, which means they kept the majority of the current structure unblemished, possibly adding components when important. Thusly, they limited their carbon impression and utilization of materials while protecting a piece of Bentonville history.

The site of the Momentary has a written history, because of crafted by University of Arkansas Honors College and J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences understudies Sydney Nichols, Emily Snyder, and Darci Walton.

The most punctual written history we have of the site is in 1673 when the Osage experienced French pioneers Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet. The site of the Momentary is essential for the Osage hunting grounds. During the 1700s, the Osage framed exchanging associations with the French and the Spanish the locale, turning into a basic wellspring of food, creature stows away, and different items for European settlements.

An Osage lady named Mo-Hon-Go was essential for a gathering of seven Osage who went to France in 1827. The Osage were at first treated well however before long wound up deserted in a peculiar land. Their situation came to the consideration of the Marquis de Lafayette who paid for their re-visitation of the United States. Arkansas turned into a state in 1836.

In the nineteenth century, Benton County was becoming known for its farming accomplishment with produce like apples and strawberries. The site had a few landowners consistently, including a famous modeler named Charles A. Blanck. Blanck bought roughly 40 sections of land in Benton County in 1889 fully intent on making a local area near Bentonville’s town community. This plot of land incorporated the site where the Momentary is found today. Bentonville’s 1903 Atlas portrays the division of Blanck’s apple plantation on the site—a remarkable expansion that has brought through the site’s set of experiences.

In 1947, Kraft constructed a cheddar manufacturing plant on the grounds. The primary representative was Marie Smith, a research facility specialist. Soon thereafter, it opened to the local area with an enormous festival that included voyages through the plant and a motorcade of Kraft milk trucks through midtown Bentonville. The plant developed over time of creation, and individual dairy ranchers from around Northwest Arkansas gave the milk to the plant that was then used to make cheddar. The plant shut in 2013.

In 2016, Crystal Bridges declared designs to repurpose the cheddar manufacturing plant into a satellite contemporary craftsmanship space by Wheeler Kearns Architects, driven by Calli Verkamp, lead project planner and respects graduate of the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture.

In 2018, Oklahoma-based craftsman Addie Roanhorse turned into the primary craftsman appointed to make a show-stopper for the Momentary. Her bolt design craftsmanship, called Sway, is included on the outside glass of the Tower, the Container, and primary doorway. An individual from the Osage Nation, Roanhorse took motivation from Osage clothing to make the example, giving proper respect to the historical backdrop of the land around the Momentary. With this fine art, we welcome all to ponder the Indigenous people groups with an association with Northwest Arkansas.

On February 22, 2020, we made our ways for general society interestingly. Come assist us with composing the following part!

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