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Water Damage Home Repairs

A water damage home repair requires a thorough inspection. This is means for concluding what kind of water damage you have in your home and what further steps to take for water damage repairs. Our team is experienced in providing timely and accurate water damage repair that is successful in restoring your home back to quality condition. We specialize in home flood repairs for properties. As a part of the home flood repair process, we begin with removal of water from your property, extracting it of any hazardous materials.

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Flood Damage Restoration Services

Water Removal & Extraction

Residential Water Damage Restoration

Emergency Water & Flood Clean Up


Leading Residential Water Damage Restoration Company

H2O Restored is the leading Residential Water Damage Restoration Company. We will come to you if you are experiencing issues due to water damage regardless of the parish that you reside in. Our experienced team provides an assurance that they will complete the necessary services for a water damage restoration project to your satisfaction. We also take on water damage home repairs such as water repairs and flood repairs. 

Classes and categories are a step that contribute to the water damage restoration process. For example, Class 1 and Class 2 tell our technicians how much moisture has been absorbed in to a specific area of your home, while Class 3 lets you know that you have the worst of water damage and that it has been absorbed in to absolutely everything in your home. Category 1 tells us that your water damage came from a clean source such as toilet tanks or broken pipes. Category 2 involves water damage sourced from water that comes from washing machines or dishwater. These are examples of “grey water”. Category 3 tells you that the water causing your water damage is unsanitary and can quickly cause illnesses, diseases and sometimes even death. This water comes from sewage, river flooding and bacteria filled standing water.

Quality Storm damage Restoration Services

We have the necessary knowledge and experience to execute water damage restoration on your home. If given the chance, moisture will find a home under your floors, inside of your walls and any other hidden places in your property. Specialized and professional equipment and methods are required in order to complete this process efficiently. Hiring a professional contractor like us makes your home more susceptible to being completely restored with no left-over moisture potentially affecting the structure or health of your home.

We’ll help you Find Peace of Mind in the Midst of Chaos

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